Correct Definition of “Human” Part 2

So, it’s 1975, and I am back in America. I talked to some scientists about what I had learned in Africa and they began talking about my observations. They eventually finished talking and they told me that my observations DID, in fact, change their definition of “human” because I reported that chimps could use and create tools to gather food


(Jankowsi 14)


1970 – They danced! Today, I witnessed the chimps dance spontaneously infront of a waterfall! I believe that this is an expression of awe in the chimps that I witnessed today. I think their emotions is a good idea of what lead early humans to religion!


Chimp (hard to see - far right) standing by a waterfall


1966 – Chimps can get many diseases that humans can. But no one ever thought they could get AIDS. A couple weeks ago as I was observing a chimp, I have noticed that he wasn’t playing with the other chimps and he wasn’t up to beat, like he usually is. This was very scary for me, so I started to observe him more, and see what kind of disease he might have. I never thought it would be AIDS. But he does have AIDS. Could this mean all chimps can get AIDS? I will have to find out!


Meat Eaters

1960 – What do chimps eat? Plants right? Right AND wrong! Today, I found out that chimps do indeed eat meat! As I observed the chimps today, making tools, I saw them find a dead animal FULL of meat. They started to eat it willingly. This made me curious since I, along with everyone else, thought chimps only ate plants. This is a discovery that I have found very interesting.